Tuesday, March 15, 2011

40 bags in 40 days- week 2

No pictures this week- they would be boring anyways- just folded white towels- which while they thrill me because they're all stacked neatly, are not super exciting. Okay, I did my 7 bags this week- the shoe cupboard, the linen closet, and N's room. the linen closet was a big one- I've cleaned it lots- but I guess I had so many towels and sheets that it doesn't stay clean for long, or the stuff that's in the wash while I'm cleaning doesn't fit after it's all done- I hope I don't run into that now. That's part of what I'm loving about this- If I only keep stuff that I have room for -then It should always have a place to go right? in theory this seems to make sense, we'll see how it goes though.

On the agenda this week is my front hall closet- which should come with an avalanche warning, the furnace room- which is scary even when clean- and the freezers... which shouldn't be too bad- but have the potential to be frightening. I might even tackle the bathroom cabinet if I get on a roll.

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  1. Awesome! I hear you about having room for stuff! We have a smaller house so we have to get rid of stuff on the regular basis. I hadn't thought about the freezer. May have to add that to my list. Take care!