Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer of Food : August

August is such a unique month, it's hot and hazy, things are reaching their maximum growing capacity, and it's almost fall- and you're almost looking forward to it cooling down. One of the reasons I love living in Manitoba is the change of seasons- we have very distinct seasons here- and July and August are definitively summer- but August is a little sweeter to me (not only because it's my birth month- as well as N's birth month). August is when you notice that the world is fertile- that the plants have started to set seed, that this cycle of life is continuing, it's at it's height in August.

It's comforting to know that August is always like this- blistering hot and humid- bright and buzzing and full of seeds and life, It's the last hurrah of Summer before Autumn comes in with it's cool crisp air and it's quiet nights, whispering about winter time blankets of snow. It's August that makes winter in Manitoba not only bearable, but even slightly welcome, because it's heat is so intense you can hold onto it all year.

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