Thursday, August 19, 2010

One man's trash...

I found this guy in a box destined for a garage sale, while cleaning up. I guess at some point in my life I looked at it and thought that I would never like something so...kitchy. Well I was wrong because this guy has been delighting me to no end, just look at his little frowny mouth, he's so disapproving, it's as though he's lamenting the fact that someone only put colour on his eyelids! His eyelids are green! Then not another speck of colour (besides the pupil of course, let's not be ridiculous). What is going on here? Is it an attempt to make the turtle shape flower pot more chic, more minimalist? Is it an albino turtle? Are there more out there?

I had just decided that what my house needed was more white accessories, especially in the form of pots to plant herbs in for the kitchen. Then I come across this white turtle pot! In my own garage! Seriously? Sometimes the lord smiles on you... and sends you a disapproving turtle.

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