Friday, August 6, 2010

One Small Change- August

I keep on forgetting what month it is! I was all set to do a little recap on how my composting is going ( I'm really enjoying it- and I have a cute little bucket under the counter and everything) and then I realized that it's august- and I need to do another change! how the time flies. This month I'm going to save my seeds.

Usually I buy garden seeds- and I plan to buy some next year- but mostly I'd like to save some from the plants I enjoy this year. I've planted mostly Heirloom seeds so it shouldn't be a problem- I'm going to do a bit of research which I'll share about how my seed saving is going. Seed saving doesn't have a huge environmental impact but every little bit helps I suppose- it's a bit more of a financial change- plus I'll be assured that all my seeds are chemical free for next year and I think that any step closer to organic is a good one.

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