Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cousins and Flowers

These are some pictures I took with my sister's 'new' digital SLR camera- it's nice- really nice (super macro! yay!)-I think I could take some serious photos with something like that. Though I do okay with my cheap 5.1 mega pixel (as though that extra .1 makes all the difference) digital (all the photos on the blog so far have been with that one) it's not an ideal camera. And now that I'm starting to use the camera more and take some photos I feel like I could frame (and potentially sell), maybe it's time for a new camera.

Although what really appeals to me is learning how to develop my own photos- and go technologically back in time with pin hole cameras, or glass plates. I think the actual hands on work involved in developing the film is what I crave- that's why I love pottery and painting and sewing it's about keeping my hands involved. Photography feels detached to me- though I am quite proud that I've started to get the hang of capturing some of the qualities of light I want to capture in photos- it's too cerebral maybe, and not enough physical work for me.

What kind of cameras do you use? What appeals to you about photography as a medium?

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