Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Inspiration: Van Gogh

Van Gogh, Flower Beds in Holland, 1883. (source)

Van Gogh, vase with poppies and daisies (source)

Van Gogh, Flowers, (source)

Van Gogh- ugh so typical right? Van Gogh went from being an outsider in his lifetime to becoming the 'ideal' painting- a little rough, a little stylized- but still totally representative and accessible. Usually I don't pay attention to these type of artists (the masters- you could call them)- they're great paintings-yes-but they're so often shown, that honestly, I haven't really spent much time looking at the works themselves. And I thought I should remedy that- especially as I'm very much interested in flowers right now- and specifically the type of flowers that Van Gogh painted- field flowers.

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