Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Henrietta Mabel May

Mabel May, Indian Woman, Oka, 1972 (source)
Mabel May (1877-1971), studied with William Brymner in Montreal. She was a founding member of the Beaver Hall Group, and also of the Canadian Group of Painters, a group which I've never heard of. Like so many of these artists she's someone that I feel like I should know, and learning about her leaves me a breadcrumb trail to follow to find out more. There are always four or five other people or groups or places I look up after I do one of these posts. That's been a really lovely and practically inspiring part of these posts.

Not that I have time today- It's Birthday season over here so I've got cakes to decorate, makeshift pinatas to protect, balloons to blow pasta to make...

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  1. Hope Birthday Season went well! I love that painting - could really see it in my house.