Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Dressed up to go to Library, I don't even think the Librarian noticed her clip-on tie...
Oh my goodness, where does the time go? As the five year old herself would say "Wowzers", I'm not going to say that it seems like yesterday that we brought this tiny (or not so tiny Ten pounds! holy heck girl- I was HUGE!) bundle of baby home, or that it 'flew by'- because I remember how long these days sometimes feel, and just how much work it's takes to help a person along in these early years, so. much. work. But there's something magical happening these days as four turns into five...self reliance is blooming.

N is old enough to play outside on her own- reliably keeping out of trouble (mostly). She's got all sorts of skills, skills that I've (mostly) taught her, some days I just boggle that this person is about to go out in the world without me (kindergarten), and she'll be okay (mostly). I've done something right!- even if that thing is as small seeing her wash her hands without being prompted (mostly) after she uses the toilet.

But more than all that she is shaping up to be a wonderful person, kind and generous to her sister, hospitable and friendly to guests, thoughtful in a way that is so grown up I can barely believe it. She can wash dishes, vacuum with the swiffer, dust and set the table, she helps fold laundry, writes the entire alphabet, can spell her name, 'Mom', 'Love', and 'zoo'. She charms the cats of the house- even when she dresses them up, they let her get away with crap no one else would (though she's got a teeny tiny scar on her eyelid courtesy of Nelson- it adds character). She's smart, curious, unique, creative, wild, sweet, funny, and so precious, and precocious. She's a wild one in the best sense of the word.

I love...
... that she is so animated, that you can hardly get a photo of her with her face still.
...that she uses 'Romantic" as an adjective for everything good, as in "Don't you think that tastes romantical?"
...that she doesn't shy away from asking any questions, at all, anytime, and if I don't know the answer she thinks we need to 'ask the computer'.
...that she is honest with her emotions,and feels deeply, sometimes embarrassingly, loudly,over the top dramatically, deeply.
...that she has a creative soul, and a caring soul, and an exuberant soul.

I am so lucky to have this girl in my life, she teaches me all sorts of things, about myself and life and her too. Happy Birthday my girl, I hope you have some of things you wish for, and everything you need.


  1. What a beautiful poignant birthday post!

    Happy birthday to the BIG little girl : )


  2. Love - love - love the tribute you have written regarding your daughter on her 5th birthday. Poetic and noteworthy. It is special too, that you have taken the time to do this from your busy life.

  3. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. I enjoyed your tribute, and your thoughts on mothering young children.
    You should be proud of both of you.

    It's not an easy job, looking after small children. In fact, I suspect that many young women who return to work early do
    so to take the easy way out! I recall many long days spent with fussing babies and toddlers, days that seemed to
    last an eternity, the longest days imaginable. And yet...the years just zoomed by! How could that be?? How could the
    longest days ever add up to the shortest years ever recorded??