Thursday, August 14, 2014

In the Garden- August 14

Can you spot the baby?
 I had to look hard for her- I could hear her singing- but couldn't see her hiding under the Rhubarb Leaf

Mud Monsters

There might be a couple of weeks of Photos on this one- I think I could easily sum up my summer by saying that it's been really busy and unproductive, an odd combo. The garden is having an off year- which is not to say that it's not producing some things- just less than normal- and it's been so darn dry, and we don't really irrigate at all- regularly anyhow- as much out of lack of time as principle*, so that's affected things- Watermelons are pretty much a right off, and other things are there- just smaller than usual. The cucumbers are pretty much non existent; I spoke about how I planted them on either side of the sunflowers- thinking that they would grow up the stems- but wasn't sure if would work- well- it doesn't- too much shade.

I think my Eggplant is starting to set fruit though- and I'm very pleased about that, I planted Borage and Chamomile around them to help with Pollination because for the last two years I've had Beautiful blossoms that fall off once they're done blooming, and no fruit. I think it's from lack of pollination and so I hoped those companions (beloved by Bees) would help- they seem to have, but knock on wood- as they're still terribly small. The cabbage moth worms have got the Cabbage too- but we took off  the row covers and had a squishing spree- and I think if we get a long fall- we'll see some cabbage, they're pretty tough plants. The flowers are blooming- and the herbs are growing really well, the comfrey is taking over- I think I'll have to move the rose bush, the Agastache is growing and the Lemon Balm, and the Marshmallow is ready to flower. The Zinnias are blooming and are so so pretty- I love that orange, and pink and golden mix, they are so large too- I'm amazed.

The Leeks are just Beautiful- tall and strong and they've had one hilling up already, and are ready for another- last year we started hilling our leeks to blanch them and let the white stems grow longer, it works so well. The Onions are pretty much ready to get pulled from the ground, as is the garlic- but eh ground is so hard and dry right now, I think I'll wait till we get a rain to soften it. The dry beans are growing nicely and the Tomatoes are doing well- I think the lack of moisture will make them really tasty this year- our mouths are watering while we wait for them to ripen. We've only got three Patty Pan Squash plants this year- and we're discovering that while ten plants is too many, three is not enough to produce a meal without waiting stashing them away in the fridge one or two at a time. Maybe five plants next year...

*The principle behind not watering is that we live in the prairies which is one of the most godforsaken parts of Canada- and the driest, and that is just the way it is here- it's not the west coast, and on some level you have bloom where you're planted. If it's not able to withstand some drought conditions, it's just not going to cut it in Manitoba, and I don't want to waste water by trying to grow things are going to take so much effort to grow. especially when there's usually a native alternative that will grow well. We have good soil, and long days, and lots and lots of sun, and that's enough for most things. Some factors help us keep watering down; We have heavy soil, so it holds moisture, we plant things deep in the ground (sometimes 10-15 inches), we mulch, (we let the weeds act as mulch sometimes), we water specific things at specific times- strategically you might say. The garden is in a low spot so it holds moisture the longest- which is crappy in a wet year and awesome in a dry


  1. I had no idea about this method .. I know the harsh conditions with being either too dry or too wet.
    This year has been strange every where I think .. Ontario feels like it hasn't had a summer at all with such cool temperatures.
    The photos are lovely !
    Joy : )

  2. A fun cornucopia of pictures. I like the Rhubarb Fairy the best.

    I only water new plants. It hasn't been an issue this year, lots of rain...will
    it ever stop? Bring on the sun! But two summers ago we had a severe drought
    that was so bad that it killed mature trees. I lost two tall larch and the Scots pine is
    still recovering.

  3. Lovely photos, and very interesting with your watering philosophy. We haven't had to water much this year in Ontario, it has been cool and wet for the most part. Yesterday was downright cold. Happy gardening!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your garden, and mud monsters, are wonderful!