Friday, August 29, 2014


::Tomato Sauce, and seed saving (this is how I save tomato seeds- squished out on a paper towel and left to dry- works great- and easy labeling to boot)
:: Birthday cakes were made and eaten, devils food cake for her, chocolate hazelnut tart for me
:: Playmobil birthday gifts- she loves them, they are super cool.
:: Late summer rains- where were you weeks ago?
::Cowboy boots and coffee ( the baby loves coffee- she has sips of my decaf all the time, and sometimes even has her own coffee- milk in a mug with a drop or two of decaf in it- just for the flavour- what a kid)
:: Water park play from weeks ago- squeals of delight
:: Roasted beets for the birthday girl's pink pasta, and 16, half cup size pucks of roasted beet puree frozen for the freezer.
:: A short lived helium birthday balloon, it was much loved, but she put it outside, "I had to do it, Mom" she says "the cats were trying to get it, I had to do it". Now we imagine where it is - bumping into a satellite- reaching the moon, landing on an alien planet.


  1. What a super fun filled post. Yum on licking beaters, such a cute shots with the kitty and the water park. Sad about the balloon, we have the same problem with our cats and balloons.

  2. Wow, that Chocolate Hazelnut tart looks delicious. Happy Birthday!
    Great perspective on the water park.
    I see your garden continues to yield plenty.