Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ways we're enjoying winter...

:: Tiny strawberry feet, on tiptoe, no less.
:: Science experiments for pre-schoolers- (from here and here)
:: Playing outside. Briefly, before the windchill warnings start up again.
:: Feeding the birds, there is something so soothing about just sitting out there watching them flit around.
:: Snuggling on the couch, listening to the new words blossoming "Get down", "Noooo" (said oh so sweetly...), "Birdie", "Ball", "Nose", "Mouth", "Eyes", "Hi", "Bye"(said after someone leaves, or after we hang up the phone, of course)
:: More science experiments- this time bending candy canes (which was an excuse to eat candy canes...)
:: Chocolate Croissants, that were devoured in no time, leaving only sticky faces...
::Sour Cream Brownies, and the (almost) empty sour cream container as a treat, my kids eat Butter and Sour Cream like some kids eat candy, is that odd do you think?

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  1. All of those ways look like a wonderful way to enjoy winter!