Friday, January 17, 2014

In Bloom: Amaryllis

The copycat, she'll do anything she sees you do- be warned.

This big beauty is such a treat, such large blooms, and so many of them- 4 on each stalk, it's an Amaryllis "Minerva", and I highly recommend it to anyone else out there that's buying them, it's so much nicer than I thought it would be. Also don't throw them out! ( I'm assuming that people throw them out and that's why they're so cheap right before Christmas- I've thrown out a couple myself... if you buy them from proper bulb sellers they're way more expensive) just keep on watering and fertilizing until July-ish, then let it die off and start watering again in October. My other plant (amaryllis 'Red Lion') bloomed the first year then just produced leaves, then produced blooms last year- I assumed it would be a bi-annual bloomer- but it's got a flower stalk again this year- and lots of leaves and also a tiny baby plantlet starting out- so I think fertilizing regularly is the key, isn't it always?

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