Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi, La Muse, 1912, (source)

Constantin Brancusi, Portait of Mlle. Pogany, 1912 (source)

Constantin Brancusi, Little French Girl (the first step [111]), 1914-18, (source)

Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space, 1932-40 (source)

Okay I'm going to give a go at Monday inspiration again, turn this blog back into more than once a week postings if I can summon the courage to go against the tide of tiny people wanting me to play all the time (while I arranged these images I was served up a litany from N- "ooh, it's so frustrating when my kids don't listen to me" I was supposed to be playing house with her- putting my baby brother 'Duke' (aka baby A) to bed, unsurprisingly N was annoyed that both her 'children' weren't listening to her, I know how she feels...).

Where was I? oh Brancusi, Right. well. I have not always loved Brancusi's work, in school I thought it too reductionist and minimal, but now I love it- the lines! so flowing and perfect, space aged, but in 1912! It's a good example of work that needs to be appreciated within it's historical context. I put up this post because I thought the smooth flowing brass lines are really appropriate to winter somehow, but while I was looking through the works, I fell for his women. They are so charming, there's something about them that allows the imagination to follow. The lines are so simple- but so perfect in how they capture a moment, it is beyond me how a twist of oak can perfectly encapsulate a toddler's wide gait during her first steps, but it does, somehow.

(Now I've been told by N that "it's midnight, and she can't understand how I'm not doing what she's asking me to do", better go before I get a time out, cheers)

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