Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Well- it's the last one- and I have to say I'm a little surprised at how fast it went- but also a little relieved that it's over- halfway through I gave up linking over to Che and Fidel- because it started to feel strange- almost like a popularity contest- and I'm not great at that sort of thing (too reminiscent of being picked last for every team ever?? will my ego ever get over school?). But I didn't want to give up fully- still intending to have these photos to look back on, marking the changes in my children. But then I also realized that that's what I do here anyways- and it doesn't really have to be every week, planned or forced, it can be random, and seasonal, and incidental too.

Sometimes I only have time to post here once a week, and I'm not sure I want to use this space only as a place to document my kids- I think it's more than that- I'd like it to be more than that, and so I'm not doing the 52 project again. Because if I only have one hour to put up a post I want it to be about art, or gardening, or cooking, or just sharing something lovely, which is not necessarily the same as the photos of the adorable-atti  (it's like the illuminati- but they plan to rule the household based on cuteness alone- so far, it's mostly working).

And so here's to a new year- full of lovely things for all of you, I hope.

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  1. Hey! Just found your lovely blog through Josee's Backwoods Mama blog. You take beautiful photos! I hope to stop in again sometime. =)