Saturday, April 9, 2011

Homemade Mozza

So I've finally done it- made the foray into home cheese making, I've long been lurking over at Fias co. Farms home dairy page, and in the last two weeks I've made three batches of mozzarella. The first one had a really smooth texture- almost like cream cheese, it was also a little salty for us. The last two batches have had only a half teaspoon of salt and that makes it more to our liking, but I've kneaded it too much and so it ends up a little more like tofu in texture than fresh mozza, but still it's darn tasty- and so delicious on pizza, so so delicious. This pizza was last night's dinner- just sauce and procuitto and mozza and parmesan, and little globs of garden basil chopped up and stored in olive oil, which by the way is an excellent storage technique, just make sure it stays covered with oil in the fridge and it will be like it was the day you picked it.

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  1. This looks amazing and I have been thinking about eating it....want to try it....can you make it next time I come over? OR--how do you make it? Show me? Teach me? xoxoJ