Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day at the fair

Last week the grandparents and I took N to see the animals at Brandon's Royal Winter fair. She took a little while to warm up to the idea that you can pet them- I suppose when you're that small they must look fairly overwhelming. She eventually did pet a few animals, and then warmed up fully to a giant Percheron horse, to the point of running back to him when I set her down- right towards his giant grain shovel sized hoofs! After that she was okay with all the animals.

It only served to whet my appetite for farm animals - the baby lambs were so cute- the goats so tiny, the chicks so soft, but the thing that really got me were the jersey and brown Swiss milk cows, they are the most beautiful animals, so gentle looking and massive, and docile looking. But I was a bit taken aback at the amount of milk they produce -20...litres...daily... that's a lot of milk, too much for me and my little family, no matter how much we love homemade mozza!

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