Tuesday, April 5, 2011

40 bags in 40 days- week 5

I've fallen behind a bit this week- no bags done- but a bit of a start on the upstairs veranda, the issues is that the boxes are filled with stuff that is very personal- letters and cards that belonged to K's Grandma, trim that she had crocheted, these lovely beaded pillow fronts that she made- and never got a chance to sew up into pillows. It's heart rending stuff, and it takes time to go through, and it's all full of things that you really don't want to give away - but also don't really have room to store indefinitely.

It makes me think of all of my projects, and what will become of them- the life of a crafter is so full of potential items, useful things that are carefully saved and stored because they might come in handy. The thing that gets me about all this stuff is that it's so personal, I really believe that the things that you save- the fabric you stockpile- the yarn you can't get rid of- say so much about you as a person. I never got a chance to meet K's grandma, and now here I am going through her stuff- looking over the piles of Crochet patterns and acrylic baby blue and pink yarn, and I don't know what she would think of all that.

I do know that it's all stuff that would have been used at some point, in a way these tubs in my veranda are similar to a sketch book of possible projects, they were things that moved her, things that made her dream of possibilities, and that's powerful.

I will get on with it though, I swear, the areas that I have cleared out are like a balm, I feel so relaxed when I open the bathroom cupboard and I know that it's neat, it's taken away a stress I wasn't even aware of holding onto, so yes more bags this week I promise- Easter is creeping up on me!


  1. Oh, all that good stuff is a gift to sort through. My grandma recently moved to a smaller place and has given me some fabric. Who knows when I'll make something, but I love that she bought it and it's sitting on the shelf.

  2. As we have discussed...treat it with respect, or say a formal farewell. So hard to do...very easy for me to say (and you can keep those eyebrows raised as high as you like!). Good going, and good luck with the next bits.