Tuesday, April 19, 2011

40 bags in 40 days

Well - 10 bags this week! yes we finally started tackling the veranda- it's a scary spot- but we managed to pick out a few things we don't need- we also found a few gems- some crafting stuff- thread, some maracas and possibly best of all- a skeleton back scratcher. those last two were favorites of N's- but then again- she was also rescuing a giant advertisement with some kid on it from the garbage repeatedly- so one man's trash and all that.

The room is still far from complete though and the 10 boxes only bring my total up to 32- I don't think I'll have a hard time finding 8 more boxes of stuff in the next few days. I'll extend my forty days a bit maybe- give myself until Easter Sunday- if that's okay.

All in all though this exercise has been great- the disaster areas I went through and cleaned up are for the most part still clean!! which is amazing- also amazing is the amount of stuff I don't miss at all- what was I doing with that stuff?? storing it mostly I guess- I need to figure out how to make myself believe that my house is not a storage unit- it's a place to live- a place that doesn't need a lot of stuff to fill it because that stuff just gets in the way of life, and I want my house to facilitate my life, not hamper it.

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  1. Way to go. I hear appreciate your reflections on the process. The stuff isn't bringing joy.