Friday, June 25, 2010

Sling Baby

Right before Nora and I went out west, I ordered some Sling Rings, in the hopes of making myself a slick new sling with some silk I had around. I have a hand-me-down ring sling that has worked great, but it's got padded 'rails', and a big padded shoulder which make it comfy-but bulky. Luckily for me the rings came the day before I left town.

I used these instructions (though it's essentially just a hemmed piece of fabric sewn through rings at one end, the pleats make it pretty), which were fairly comprehensive, and easy to follow- it was a fast project- though the tail on mine had to be shortened a bit She says you can make it with a 2.5 metre length of fabric if you'd like a long tail- but for me- that long of a tail was almost hitting the ground- and I'm tall, so 2 metres was good enough, the tail was still plenty long.

It was a great thing to have while travelling, small in my purse, but Nora lived in it most days, I wore her everywhere- shopping, parks, dinner- It also doubled as a good nursing shield, and held her snug to me on the plane, so I could read while she snoozed. It was also very comfortable, I could wear her all day long and not be sore, it's a great thing.

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  1. Hey it is a beautiful light weight thing. The padded one started out with me, and it was a God send for my sick baby, but yes bulky. Nora looks at home in her summer weight sling! xo J.