Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I've been picking up books at the local value village for a little while now- it's a bit of a routine- I buy some kind of light trash-esque paperbacks (or sorry- did I say trash-esque? I meant Chick Lit. Oh how I hate that phrase, but guiltily love the genre.), then I also buy some proper literature books- Edith Wharton, Timothy Findlay, Margaret Atwood etc.- to ease the guilt a bit. (I'll take turns reading 'fun' books and 'serious' books- though truthfully I think they're all fun)

Lately though I've been running into another genre- food literature- I've picked up Micheal Pollan's The omnivore's Dilemma, Last chance to Eat by Gina Mallet and some other frightening books about chemicals and organics and food. All of the books are in top shape and have highlighted selections- so I can only assume that they are textbooks. The other day I confirmed it when I saw two bonafide textbooks about food politics. I've been enjoying these books immensely, and they've been really reinforcing just how important it is to re-vamp the way we eat.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my reactions to the latest such book- The Hundred Year Lie- It focuses on chemicals and drugs, and toxins, and it's my punishment for reading(and enjoying) a book by Sophia Kinsella of the Shop-aholic book series.

What's your 'guilty' book genre?

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