Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Small Change- June

I've decided to join in the one small change challenge hosted by Hip Mountain Mama. The premise is simple- every month choose one small thing to change about your life that will positively affect the environment, the idea being that by changing one small thing at a time we can make a bigger impact more easily.

So my June change is going to be no more Paper Towels, I plan to make up some cloth towels, from re-purposed fabric that we can use as we would the disposable kind, mopping up floor spills or other things that the tea towels are just not up to. I'm already washing diapers and wipes, so what's one more thing to launder right?

I'll let you guys know how it goes, I expect that my honey will be hard to convert, as he's used to having them and will specifically ask for them if I'm shopping- (also I'm much more okay with using hand towels on the floor to clean up big messes, what can I say? he's the neat one), but we'll see if the cloth replacements can live up to paper.

Any other ideas for small changes?


  1. I am so glad you joined us! I have seen a lot of other folks have great success this year with giving up paper towels! I know you will do great!!

  2. We did one small change too. I wanted to do family s'wipes, but nobody but me wanted to give up toilet paper. So, I went no-poo, started using cloth diapers at night, and made some produce bags for the grocery...which i don't use right now because all my produce comes from the farmer's market and I just throw it all in one bag. I have, off and on, made my own laundry soap.
    One small change is fun! Maybe I will try giving up paper towels...

  3. I think I would have a hard time selling s'wipes too! But I think handmade laundry soap and cleaning supplies is going to be on my list for sure,as well as cloth diapers at night- but that makes me nervous!

  4. Heck - you want nervous, picture yourself when the sweet little thing is 3 and demands to wear underwear only to bed because she's sure she is a big girl now. That's when the plastic sheets have to come out...s'ok if you can handle the crunchy sound when you turn over in the night.

    Giving one thing up...how about no more plastic bottles of water for me. Only the refillable water bottle at work and at home. Couple months ago, I made a promise not to buy the super soft toilet paper - only recycled super-green thin stuff. An interesting experiment. We fell off the wagon once, but it was weird to see all the white fluff/dust coming off the roll of paper. So we're back to more simply-made toilet paper for now.

  5. I also use the super thin recycled t.p. but to be honest the switch was made more because of our aging toilets and septic system. it's amazing how the thick stuff clogs our old drains, and how thick it is! It's like a blanket, which really is overkill isn't it?

  6. Welcome and Good luck!!! I was born and raised in the country (NNY) and moved to suburbia (NJ) and now cant wait to move back to the country for a more simplified life...someday!!!