Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spring flowers

Yes- that's my baby outside in a shirt and diaper only,
my theory is that you have your whole adult life to wear pants in public, live it up bottomless while you still can.

This post is basically just a barfing up of photos from my camera- "Blech!" to you on the screen. Ditch Lady Slippers and Lily of the Valley, Bleeding Hearts, Muscari. These are the only spring flowers I've photographed this year- no Lilacs at all- weird! and none in the house either- they're all done now- but the sweetly scented Lily of the Valley made it inside to the table- never did anything smell so sweet.

Another sweet thing was the Victorian Tea the Village held- we got all dressed up in Antique clothes (except the girls- those are 1980's dresses), they belonged to my husbands great grandmother and are circa 1910. Very Very beautiful hand sewn work, the lace is amazing, and things are fragile- but it's nice to get them out and wear it. It was such a different time period clothing wise- where you adjusted your figure not by dieting, or trying to actually sculpt your flesh in the shape you want- but by corseting here and padding there- making your waist 20 inches one day, 22 the next, your bust ruffle going up and down to adjust to your shirt, your bum padded out to fill out your bustle, so Foreign to us now. Also the layers and layers of gauzy clothing- at first you wonder if it could possibly be right that they wore such flimsy skirts- but when you have four of them on you're so totally swathed in fabric, it seems like you'd be fine going outside in winter as is.

I love this big floppy bow in her hair, and how her new lace up boots go so well with the dress. 
 The tea itself was really lovely too- china cups and homemade mints, tiny sandwiches, and dainties, the girls were over the moon! They had sugar cubes too which the most satisfying thing to my kids- you could give them a choice of cake with decorations and chocolate oozing from it, sprinkles, candles, icing roses- the works- or one sugar cube and I truly think they'd choose the cube- well,  it would be a BIG decision anyways.


  1. What fun to get dressed up for tea! : ) You all look fantastic! And so amazing that you have those heirlooms to wear! Must have felt like you were walking in the past.

    Apparently people still do corset training. I had no idea. One of the bloggers I follow does it. Chicago Chic. I always wondered how on earth her waist was so tiny. Corsets. It is kind of strange though. I can't imagine that it is one bit comfortable but people swear by them afterwards and want to wear them all the time.

    Funny how sometimes it really is the most simple of things that kids will go for. I think we learn to love complexity as we grow older.


  2. I love your Victorian portrait! I wouldn't want to wear long dresses, but they really were lovely, more graceful than mini skirts!