Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Roman Bartkiw

Bartkiw, Pommes Dore, 1996, (source)
Roman Bartkiw, (1935- 2010), was a Ceramist and Glass artist. He is apparently known for his innovations in glass work- though I can't seem to find out what those are or see any of his glass works online. There are some ceramic birds online- but mostly on ebay and Kijiji, and I can't seem to find the real site only find them on google images. Someone could doubtless find more images of his work in person, or also if they had more time to search online ( I have the time bomb of a soggy diaper soaking through my pants- Oh! that reads as though it's MY diaper! If this is the first time you've read the blog- rest assured I have children- it's almost always their pee on me- not my own.)

I really love this work though- the simple lines and distilled forms are so soothing, and powerful at the same time- it's really lovely. You can read quite a bit about him here. He's collected in several museums, the AGO, and the Museum of Civilization.

Monday Inspiration 2014 is all about Canadian artists. Each Monday I'll pick a new one to profile- If you can think of any that you think I ought to look up- please let me know in the comments- I'd love to hear from you. You can find a list of the artists I've done so far here. 

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