Wednesday, June 4, 2014


These days are feeling too busy, To Do lists spiral out of control even as we chisel them down, expanding like some sort foam insulation, growing like fungus. We are swept away in our days. Children go feral, parents seethe with the need to be 'doing something', except when we are awash in nature, when everyone calms, sweaty heads, dirty feet and all, we stop to listen, and look, and notice.

And so I'm putting up these photos from the last week or so- later than I'd planned, and less organized- but still they're a record of sorts.

::Translucent sage leaves,
::Baby feet dancing in the dirt
::Whispery yarrow
::Inoculating logs with Shitake plugs and finding them a nice shady spot
::Asparagus finally providing meal after meal sweet juicy stalks
::A walk down below to see how things are growing,
::A dry old shitake from the old logs
::A bright summer dress, newly sewn.


  1. You HAVE been busy. I'm intrigued by the shitake plugs. Have you done that before? Do they grow well for you? Beautiful asparagus. I've not had luck getting it to grow.

    1. Before we owned this place my In-Laws had a monster (by our standards) Shitake operation- all the logs lined up in that forest setting is really magical, they produced for years after they were supposed to- the key is good and consistent watering, I think- we've just done 15 logs this year- and hopefully they'll produce for five (or more) years- but not until next year I think- much like the asparagus it's long term gardening ;)

  2. I am so jealous of your homegrown asparagus!

    So many wonderful photos and so great that you are outside enjoying the weather.


  3. This photo journal is wonderful Angela ! .. I love where you live being so close to nature, the kids are having such a beautiful experience being so close to what truly matters. I too am intrigued by the shitake plugs .. I love seeing mushrooms in the wild on trees .. to farm them in such a natural setting is fantastic.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog : )

    1. I've never thought of it as farming before- but of course it is, it's a very natural setting, and wonderful to be in- like a fairy forest!

  4. There are plenty of moments to savour, I can see, in your busy days.

    I was drawn in by the texture of the sage leaves that begged to be touched.


  5. Loved seeing these photos of your shiitake garden and the fabulous asparagus. Wow - better than at the supermarket I think.

  6. Wonderful photos. Work and fun in the great outdoors.