Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Ruth Salter Wainwright

Ruth Salter Wainwright, Hauling the Nets, (source)
Ruth Wainwright (1902-1984), lived in Nova Scotia and painted watercolour paintings- she studied at the Halifax ladies college, and spent the first part of her career painting in watercolours. Later she studied at Hans Hoffman's Provincetown school in New York and began to paint in abstract forms. These works seem lovely but the only image I can see of them is here at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and it's not really a complete image either, it seems to me to be a cropped section of one of her paintings. 

I love the lines in her work though- the square jaws of the fishermen, and the transparency she's managed to hint at with the nets. The colours are lovely too.

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  1. Wow, from the Halifax Ladies College to Hans Hoffman's school...that's quite a leap! It would be interesting to see her later work.