Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Light

I love the way that the light changes in winter. It's a subtle shift- and I think it's due to the snow, it acts as a big light diffuser, spreading and brightening the suns rays. One of the things that I love about living in Manitoba is that the seasons are very distinct, some would say harsh, even. A dream of ours is to live in Hawaii for a few years at some point of our lives- we love the atmosphere, and culture, and find the agriculture fascinating, the only thing we don't love- and what stops us from planning the move right now (besides public school and health care) is the lack of seasons.
I look forward to the shift our life takes in each season, and I'm learning that one of the keys to enjoying a harsh winter is to notice and appreciate the ways that it is unique. The light changes, the hours shorten, the way that sound is carried changes as the snow provides an acoustical blanket. The way that in summer we are outside for most of the day, and in winter we are inside.
But I always look forward to the clear light that the snow brings in winter. When I first came back here after spending my adolescence in British Columbia, I told people that I could handle -40, as long as the sun is shining, In B.C. it might be warm, but man that gloomy rainy weather all winter and fall will get you down. I love the sunny days here- even though it may be too cold to enjoy them for long.

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