Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The bee (on her blooming bath- which doesn't really fit in my sink as an actual bath-
but really works well as a mat for her to lie on- especially when she's dressed as a bee)

The spooky witch turning her sister into a bee 

N wanted to be lots of things this Halloween - and so I held off making any costume until the last minute when she clearly decided to be a witch (a spooky one). So the 30th found me searching for some appropriate fabric, and making a fleece lined cloak and black dress (with the dress being an altered maternity shirt- and the black fleece transformed from an old cardigan of mine. The great sparkly moon and cloud fabric was a hand-me-down fabric from a project my sister started). I always think I should get rid of my fabric- or at least cull the hoard, but then I remember all the last minute projects I complete with fabric I was on the verge of giving away.

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