Monday, November 12, 2012

Real Snow


We've had the first real dump of snow for the year, and it was a big one, enough to stop us from doing anything outside except blow snow, and make snow angels. It also feels darn cold outside, even though it's not really, it's only -7 or something and I'm already freezing, and that has me wondering how I'm going to survive the rest of winter, when it gets below -25. We went out briefly anyways, and took a few photos, and then I was so struck by the light at the door so I took a few photos of N, with the camera lens fogging up. I love the effect it makes, I just wanted to capture that moment of cold pink cheeks and sweaty toque head, so sweet.
She's also been wearing her fleecy jammies for a bit longer each day- this day she even wore them under her snowsuit outside, things get pretty relaxed around here in the winter. 

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