Monday, November 5, 2012


The snow has come. And probably will melt away- but for a couple of days snow angels have ruled the yard. The tractors got snowed on- then plugged in and hastily stowed away for the winter. It seems that we are behind on our fall chores, and in this way I see how important my hands are to the running of this place. It doesn't always seem that I do too much outside of the house- but when I'm completely absorbed with the small one, it sort of falls apart, K has to make suppers, do laundry, entertain the big girl, and it's simply too much to do that plus everything outside too.
I honestly didn't see this coming when I planned the big garden, when I dragged out the flower pots and the toys, and the outdoor furniture in  the spring, I didn't factor in how much time the baby would consume. It was silly- but part of me will be happy when it just snows for good- and the things left undone outside (planting garlic, tilling, transplanting, leaf picking up, outdoor furnishings packed away) will just have to stay undone till spring.  I'm actually looking forward to snow this year, to the quiet winter time.

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  1. You look gorgeous! Great pics of the babes too. I've been happy to shrug and watch snow falling on unfinished yard work.