Tuesday, August 21, 2012

this week

This week, or was it last week- we had company last week and it's all a bit blurry, or maybe that's just my baby brain, which seems to have seriously amped up in forgetfulness this last month- I've never burned so many pot bottoms.

We made more blueberry muffins for the freezer, and a few more jars of Dills; harvested and ate the first of the rainbow carrots, so pretty to look at, and delicious to eat; rediscovered some old favorites from the costume box; picked a few zinnias (those are 'candy cane mix' and some 'envy' which make a perfect bouquet if you ask me); enjoyed a few sunsets out by the garden; have been eating fresh ripe tomatoes at every meal- at last!! (could that be contributing to my heartburn I wonder???); and have been spending a bit of time courting these three semi-tame cats we've moved onto the farm to keep the rodent population down and replace our beloved Fats, who disappeared last fall (yes three cats to replace one- he was quite the cat).

These kittens started out life at our neighbours place and have been a bit hard to get to know, they are pretty shy- deemed "wild cats" by N, we have finally been able to pet them- while we feed them- well two out of the three, anyhow, but it's taken a couple of weeks of just being near them, trying to encourage N not to chase them away. They do seem to know when feeding time is anyhow...typical opportunistic cats. They are all silver tabbies and so pretty, just like Fats was. They've already brought us a couple of 'mouse presents' as N calls them so at least we know they're working hard!

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  1. Beautiful harvest, beautiful girls. It sounds like you are enjoying this time together. 3 cats to replace Fats, indeed!