Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sewing- Faux Chenille baby blanket

Baby Blanket and Kicking bag-
stuffed animal meant to demonstrate- otherwise it looks like a fancy hot water bottle cover
So despite being extremely practical when it comes to handmades for this new baby, I did make a couple of special items just for it- every baby needs at least one new blanket right? I saw this tutorial and fell in love. I made mine with an old flannel sheet I had kicking around because darn it flannel is expensive- and I could not justify spending 8 bucks a metre on something that I wanted to cut up and fray. I was a little concerned that the old sheet wouldn't have the right weave or the bias cut would somehow not work- but it did- so if you want to try this using an old sheet- go right ahead.

I also really love the idea of a kicking bag for this baby- though who knows if we'll need it at all- if it stays this hot here I'll probably just let it roam in diapers. I didn't have one for N and I think it will be handy this fall and winter. It's a pretty loose pattern- the one I read was meant to be knit in the round- but I used straight needles and just sewed up the bottom and sides. I added a little bit width after the ribbing as well because it seemed tight otherwise- and then to hide my yarn over increases, and add a bit of interest I did a row of a miniature leaf pattern with a contrasting yarn. It looks exactly like a large hot water bottle holder (and actually has me thinking that a hot water bottle cover might be a good gift for Christmas- especially out of hydrophobic wool), but once there is a cute baby to put inside it it will make sense- I hope.

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