Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunctions

The wee munchkin has been adventuring with clothing lately. Now, I'm not the sort of Mom to fight about clothes- and I have to admit I'm kinda proud that she's taken such a rebellious attitude to the dictates of clothing so young, I think it shows spirit, and I like that. But really it's a bit much sometimes, I mean most days I get her into a shirt- and something to cover up her privates- but I can't guarantee what that something will be. Some options so far have been a shirt- buttoned up around her hips with the sleeves tucked inside to make pockets, my pajama pants wrapped with the top in front and the legs tied around her chest in a big bow on the back (that was seriously stylish- but left a little to be desired in the 'covering up the privates' area), a tea towel, and mittens, just mittens.

Needless to say, I can't let her go out like that- she needs something to keep the dirt out the cracks when we're in the garden, if you know what I mean. So usually I just force her into some sort of bottoms (skirts with shorts under them are my new best friend), and deal with the tantrums by distracting her- which usually stops her from frantically pulling whatever it is I put on her off. This has all come about because we're potty training, and she's doing really well- a few accidents here and there- some rough days, but overall, she's almost completely done with diapers, and I think she enjoys the freedom, so she's making the most of it.

Today when we went outside N picked her own outfit- by grabbing whatever was around and trying to jam her legs into it- a pink hoodie-(apparently when your arms and legs are roughly the same length your wardrobe opens up quite a bit), which actually once legs were in sleeves, and it was zipped up- met my requirements to go outside, and so we added the swim shirt that someone had dropped off for her, an outside we went- she was very happy with it- and so was I really.

It's hard to know what to do with your kids when they start to exhibit their own will, especially with something like clothes. I'm awed that she has the ideas she does- that she doesn't see the fact that something was made for your top as a limiting factor I feel sort of bad for putting these bounds on her- but at the same time- saying 'you can wear whatever you want as long as your privates are covered up' is not exactly restricting.

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