Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bucket Hat

So I finally caved and made N a new bucket hat- I really wanted to use that tweed-y print and I think the blue flowers are so fresh, I love the way it pops.  It was actually very simple- I made up a pattern based on one of her store bought hats, and then sewed it up- it's a bit unwieldy on the inside hat because I didn't topstitch the inside and outside together except at the brim- because they're slightly different sizes at the crown- and this way it's reversible. I think it'll be a good fall hat as well as summer- and best of all N loves it.

After a couple of birthday sewing items for N, I'll also be putting the sewing machine away so that I can start making some more pots and mugs and paintings. Now that I've made the hat I think I am truly done sewing for summer, and Christmas and fall craft shows are looming on the horizon.

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