Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Peas

I'm getting immense pleasure out of these Sweet Peas. I've been bringing them inside as often as they wilt to encourage more blooms and to enjoy their sweet scent. I've now got a constant bouquet going, small though it is, the smell wafts up from the table when you sit down, (next year I'll put innoculum on the seeds before I plant them for sure- also I'm going to start some inside to get the blooms a bit earlier.) 

I love the way they look outside too- trailing up sticks from the garden which gives them a nice natural looking support- the Lilac branches I stuck in in early spring are working the best because they've got so many little branches to support the vines. And they're really not distracting at all, which was my only concern about using them as Sweet Pea supports. I also love the combination of colours of these flowers, I'm usually fairly picky about matching flowers, but these blooms are so lovely and soft, the colours all seem to go together.

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