Friday, August 26, 2011


The Babe turned two this week, and I almost can't believe it. She's so grown up she blew out her own candles- without prompting. She is changing and growing and becoming more and more complex as a person, and I don't know how really. It all seems a bit magical. She says things and learns things that I don't remember teaching her- like putting recycling where the recycling goes without help, or correctly identifying a summer squash as a squash. And when she does these things I am flabbergasted, seriously I just want to send the moment in to the newspaper or something, (Two year old Yells "Quash" when she sees her mother holding a papaya pear squash!).

Just lately she's starting calling for people by saying " Mama,I want you!", and waking up saying words- just seemingly random words- "Boys", "milk in cup","Dada", "Ferna-Cat"- I assume that this is what she's dreaming about-and I know it's not really extraordinary- but it just makes my heart flip over, and burst with pride. She's utterly amazing this girl, and she's got so much going for her- I imagine every parent feels this way- we all know that our kid is a miracle child, and they are in their own way, or just to us- and that's all that really matters.

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  1. I know how you feel. Eldest went on a sleepover last night. What did they do? Slept, ate, watched movies, listened to music, talked and...sewed monsters. Cute widdle monsters. Out of fabric scraps and buttons. Just when you think they are lost to you - leaving for a new country in time - they turn to look at you over their shoulder, and you'd swear you would never be so proud again, it's so strong, the recognition of that person - our child.