Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saving seeds

So far this month my seed saving has been from flowers- which is super easy- the seeds are usually just under the petals, or the seed heads are dry and easy to see. Then you just label and store in an envelope in a dry dark space. More directions can be found here.

I'm planning on using the fermentation method for tomatoes when my tomatoes ripen here with these directions.

For beans and peas I'm doing this, basically just allowing the beans to dry in situ, and then storing.

I was planning on saving squash seeds but after reading this about the possibility of disgusting hybrids, I decided not to- maybe next year I'll try to be more selective about planting and pollination, but for this year I'll just leave it.

I'm pretty happy to have collected what I've got so far- I think I won't need to buy flower seeds next year, which is great- though I'm not super sure what will come of them, because of open pollination I don't know if the colour of the flowers will stay true, but it'll be interesting to see what comes out anyways.

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