Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make hay while the sun shines

We took advantage of the sunshine on Saturday, and played outside. I've been feeling bad lately that N spends so much of our time outside in her stroller- of course this is sometimes the safest place for her, but it doesn't allow her much time to explore, eat dirt, crackle leaves etc. The thing about this is that I need to be just with her, not pulling weeds, or puttering the garden, or working on some other project, I need to just spend time with her making sure she doesn't eat too many bugs.

I'm a big time multi-tasker- like most women- so this is hard for me. But I've been trying to set aside time for free outside play, and this Saturday- despite the wind we sat outside and played for a couple of hours. She was content to sit in one spot in the yard, and play in the garden beds- next year she is going to be such a good garden helper- pulling weeds and picking plowers- she's started to give the vegetables kisses if we ask her to, which is unbelievably sweet, she gives the water melons kisses to make them grow.

This is one of the gifts of Fall, it's a chance to realize the things you never got to in Summer- and it gives you a few days to complete those things- while wearing a sweater, of course. But because fall is so fickle, and you can't count on good weather- you have to just take your chance, and not put off the things you want to do- I think there's a lesson there, especially for a professional procrastinator like myself.

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