Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Roseline DeLisle

Roseline Delisle, Octet 2 Blue, (source)
Roseline DeLisle, Octet 9, (source)
Roseline DeLisle (1952-2003), was born in Quebec and then moved to California, she made these huge ceramic vessels- which were very reminiscent of the human figure- They are all quite striking when seen all together in one room (you can see her standing among them in this article- which is quite interesting too), they really relate to each other in different ways- I can only imagine what walking through them would have been like- they have so much presence. I love the smooth solid colours, and the sleek shapes- so refined and cold- yet somehow in that scale they seem warmer- more personal. The sheer technicality of them blows my mind.

 I can see in them, the influence of the early parts of this century- they are so millennial. It's a bit odd,  like seeing a movie you remember so clearly seeing when it came out, but now looks so dated, and you realize it's already almost twenty years old. These pieces do that to me. They will no doubt stand as an excellent example of artwork from that time- and I do honestly love them, but it's just too soon to overlook the dated feel of them, sort of like jelly shoes and hammer pants.

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  1. Hmm, didn't know of this artist at all. Interesting work. I feel sad for her short life.