Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Just like that...

Just like that- the snow melted- and all week it was getting warmer and warmer, and drier too. Slowly things were getting uncovered- the garden shed was reachable, the grass was getting greener, the thyme in the garden looked to be growing even!

We were so happy- going outside twice a day- The yard suddenly opened up past the shoveled paths and lanes, the baby (must stop caller her that...she is no baby anymore!) so happy to be able to actually walk outside that she was running around with her hands over her head, crying when it was time to come in. N was gathering treasure from last year's dried out plants- making 'stew' in a big sloshy bucket of water. Stretching our winter softened bodies and minds to get ready for the long days of outdoor work ahead, and then, just like that...

WINTER!!! *sigh*


  1. Yep...it sucks!!! But I bet the kids still love it : )


    1. yes- they are irritatingly happy to make more snow men ,)