Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On my work table

This week: small animal sprig molds (flat backed thin molds for applique onto other pieces), pouring plaster with a new friend, freeing the tiny elephant from his background. Working with kids- nothing is sacred- toys are everywhere, paper is for drawing on- giant heads- simple bodies, large eyes, a smile, always a smile. Tiny hands reach out to 'help' and how can I refuse?

I tried to get N to make a mug with me today- letting her stamp away at the clay, and then rolling it up into a cylinder- I was disappointed because what has so far been really complex, lovely patterning, turned sort of simple- instead of filling in the whole field, she did some small stuff in the center only before proclaiming it 'done'. I worry that she's losing the abandon that she used to create with- and I fear with it her awesome sense of texture, and pattern.  I applauded her ability to colour within the lines but with that fine motor skill comes a self editing that I don't want her to do yet- I worry that she's learning to make things too 'precious', to limit herself, and I don't want that. *sigh* oh the worries of the artist mother...so privileged...

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