Sunday, November 24, 2013


A: sitting up on the desk- she moved the calendar and two pots gently off the box so she could sit there quietly- so sneaky.

N: her colouring has greatly improved this week- lots of wild colour, but mostly within the lines now, even in the small spaces.


  1. Look at that amazing coloring job! Do you coach N on staying w/in the lines, or is she just working it out on her own? She looks about 5? My 4yr old is def getting closer to staying in the lines, but it's all pretty slap dash still :)

    Also, I think we have that same coloring book!

    1. She's 4.5, now and she just went through a big leap in drawing/colouring- no coaching required- though she does draw a lot. Latley she's starting to add hands, and teeth to her figures- also weirdly- everyone has glasses now in her drawings, they sure look cute though.