Monday, December 9, 2013


I see photos like this and I think- 'oh man- she is growing up so fast!', and then I see the next photo:

...and I think not so much...

It seems almost impossible to photograph these kids with just one photo- they almost always make series that are so much more compelling.

I was puzzling over a vivid dream I had of running with two lions- I wasn't scared of them at all- they didn't seem to want to hurt me- they were ferocious, and powerful and magnificent, and just wanted me to play with them.

Then I saw these photos and it sort of makes sense-

And Baby A is no different: it's almost impossible to photograph her in one go- they're always stories. 

Of all the bad things about digital cameras- no solid pictures- literally thousands of inane photos online, and thousands of photos on the computer- but only one or two bad printouts in frames- the fact that everyone thinks they're a photographer, the way that you can video something and photograph something and not actually look at it while it's happening in person- I love this ability to capture whole sections of time, and keep it on your computer. You'd never waste actual film like that, you'd never take forty photographs in one five minute session, or encourage your kid to make silly faces for the camera- over and over again. We may not have photo albums anymore- but we do have series of photos, and that's really precious. 

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