Saturday, May 18, 2013

This Week

:: a rare self portrait in one of my newly made spring tops- vintage cotton- that is perfect for working in.
:: lovely little juice glasses found at the local flea market.
:: mother's day flowers, in colours that make me want to mix new glazes.
:: the giant blank canvas that is the bare garden, this space seems to shrink as things grow.
:: planting N's garden.
:: the littlest potato digger.
:: our super gnarly leftover potatoes- which will hopefully grow- this year we will set them out in the sun after digging to induce dormancy- so they don't sprout so much.
:: the most essential gardening tool for anyone with a baby- a sling.
:: father-daughter onion planting- which is becoming quite a tradition.
:: hurrying to plant the Hazelnut trees before the rain- in the rain.
:: waiting out the sudden burst of heavy rain in the garden shed.

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