Friday, May 10, 2013

This Week

This week spring came out with a vengeance, and we got so much done- the garden cleared, the stoop swept, some onions and garlic transplanted, the overwintered carrots and beets in the ground for seed (which is the first year we've done that- it's a bit of an experiment). But then the amazing heat went away again, and now it's a typical Manitoba spring; 10 degrees and super windy, but the end is in sight, the snow is gone (mostly), and things are sprouting.

The kids are so happy to be out of doors, except when N is grouchy, which is quite a lot of late- I've just read this disequilibrium theory, that kids are always unbalanced around their half years (like when 3.5 yrs old, 4.5, 5.5 etc), because they're learning and growing so much, and then they balance out again at their birthdays. I'm not really sure I totally believe it- but it does make me feel less like I'm raising a raging manic depressive maniac, so I'll cling to it for now. I have noticed that she usually tests us most when she's developing, or when I'm not challenging her enough (mentally you know- not challenging her to a fight or anything), so there's usually some new awesome skills that come out of a tough period. I just have to make it through the tough times without my eyeballs bursting from the high blood pressure, no big deal.

(also does this half year disequilibrium ever stop? because both myself and my kids all celebrate birthdays within a two week period, and if this theory applies to adults as well- we should probably just quarantine ourselves between January and May)

For now I'll just content myself with showcasing the (many) good moments from our days, and try to erase the tantrums and whining from my memory.

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