Sunday, May 5, 2013


N: True joy is Jamiroquai on mama's iPod and a pink tutu- this week at least. N's taste in music is truly eclectic- since birth she's had clear song preferences, mostly for heavier beats (The Clash, Cake, Jack White, The Ramones)- this week I uploaded "Synkronized" onto the iPod, and it has so far proved to be the best combo of heavy bass, and good dance rhythm. I wake up with 'canned heat' playing in my head at night.

A: This is the preferred method of playing with the bouncer, when you place the kid inside the thing screaming fits ensue- but she will gladly hang on to it and bounce up and down while precariously reaching for the toys on the other side, of course.

joining in with Jodi.

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  1. SO, your kid totally has the best tase in music. My child has a strong love for Man Down by Rihanna, which, troubles me on way to many levels. Though when pressed, she will agree that Beach House is pretty rad, and I can live with that!!
    Nice post!