Monday, March 25, 2013


This is one way that N has found to burn off some steam in winter- bed jumping, which usually has me cringing each time she lands, but it is a good energy burner. Also good: Simon Says (which usually just devolves into me telling her to act out different animals- she does a great chicken), Follow the Leader, me pretending she's a pillow or blanket and 'sleeping' on her, me pretending she's a dead tiger and eating her (that one is purely her invention, and I have lots of unanswered questions about it; why a tiger? am I another tiger? if so why does she want me to use a knife and fork?). I also sometimes randomly ask her to do jumping jacks.

I am hoping that the predicted warm temperatures of next week will bring puddles and melting snowmen. Did you folk who live in warmer climes know that you can't actually build a snowman when it's too cold out? the snow needs to be wet to stick together, and our snow is mostly just dry, because it's so cold, so all winter there have been no snowmen and no snowballs, warmer temperatures will make it more 'melty' and hopefully allow at least one snowman before it all melts away.

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