Sunday, March 10, 2013


N: Ridiculous amounts of snow- the yard is covered with snow higher than she is- it feels like it's going to be September before it all melts, and until then we're confined to the lane for play area.

A: This was a brief happy moment for A on the sled, otherwise she was not too impressed about it all, and it ended up being me carrying her in my arms while pulling N and, occasionally the cat ,on the sled. After which N had enormous fun trying to get the cat to pull the sled, until I stepped in and reminded her that we don't put things around animals necks, the cat was relieved.

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  1. So perfect a wintry Manitoba morning - love the sunshine, love all that powder!
    Great for snowshoeing - - - what a beautiful shot of a sled full of fun!

    1. Yeah! I was so happy to get the bright blue sky and bright white snow- it actually looks the way it does in real life- as you know.

  2. these snow pictures are beautiful. something we NEVER have in these part.

    and thank you for linking!