Monday, March 4, 2013


N: yes- that is a crumb stuck to her cheek- I took this picture after she'd eaten breakfast, and then some leftover chicken and potatoes, and then waltzed into the office holding a huge piece of buttered bread- which she polished off in no time. I think this kid is on a constant growth spurt. She's pushing us a lot too these days- figuring out her limits, and ours, which is a tiring business that, I guess, is part of being three. I can't help but think that things will be easier when the weather warms up and frustrations can be aired outside, sunshine and a fresh breeze (not to mention a wallow in some mud) can do amazing things to tired spirit.

A: Growing, growing, growing, and this week crawling! At 5 3/4 months, really, really, one hand in front of the other, honest to goodness, moving around. And yesterday she started trying to pull herself up on things, Goal oriented, this baby. I had another photo of her two tiny cute teeth- but I picked this one because it shows her piercing gaze- this one, it looks like she can see through to your soul with those big blue eyes, and makes me feel confidant that she will be the sort of woman who doesn't put up with crap, this makes me happy.

My favorite photo from last week:  Modern Nomads with Kids- what a complex look on that cute face

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