Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

It seems as though this little munchkin doesn't get so many outdoor shots-
that because she's always strapped to my chest- see there is a price to being held all the time.

It's been snowing here, light fluffy, storybook style snow, the kind that has distinct icy flakes in it. It;s also been really cold lately, so we took advantage of the warm weather today (-13!) to go for a walk. It was not long before the baby had enough, and so I had to drag the 3 yr. old into the house, (funny how she can walk so well away from the house- but always always needs me to hold her hand on the way in).  It is very glum outside, despite the brightness of the snow, this is the first year I've seen so many overcast skies in Manitoba, and I'm starting to feel the seasonal shift that begins with the winter solstice- a real need for the dark days and nights to become lighter again.

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