Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Abbreviated Countdown Calendar

So I thought that some sort of advent calendar would be good for N this year- and I looked at all the cute ideas on the Internet- there are thousands- (and also as an aside- I think advent calendars on the Internet are generally misnamed- they're really countdown to Christmas calendars, we're not really religious, so we don't technically celebrate advent- which is the 4 Sundays that lead up to Christ's birth). Anyhow- our countdown calendar starts at 12- not 24 like most of the ones you see- because I think 24 days of anticipation is really too much for a three year old (not to mention a whole month of a chocolate a day). And also it's just got chocolates in it- no activities- even though I think that's where the future will lead us, it's just a bit easier to organize chocolates.

It's very easy to put together- just roll wrapping paper into a cylinder- secure the long ends with tape, and then sew each edge shut so that they close in sort of the opposite way, making a pyramid shape, don't forget to stuff the treat inside first, (as I almost did). Write a number on them from 1-12, then hang on a ribbon with clothes pins.


  1. Very fun! Might have to try that next year!

  2. 12 Days of Christmas - brilliant idea. And then you carried it out, too -that's what I admire most!

    We are learning the words to the 12 Days of Christmas carol around here. Good old "C" invented a new version "...a partridge in a pantry." The fact we have both items in sight and on hand around here has made it challenging to change back to "a pear tree." Also had to explain that pears grow on trees.